My goal is to help you create the most effective and efficient web presence for your business. I aim to clearly communicate your firm’s offerings to your customers and help you build on-going relationships with them.

This may take the form of a static website, a content management system that you can update yourself, a blog, mailing list, podcast, or online storefront with E-Commerce capabilities. I can also help you harness the marketing strengths of personal networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.

I have a long history of experience with computer graphics and systems support, as well as extensive knowledge of graphic design.

I provide exceptional personal attention to my clients and am easy-going and fun to work with.

I aim to give you a graphic identity that will help present your business in as professional a manner as possible; to find a graphical style that clearly communicates the content and personal style of your business.

I offer one-stop-shop web production services with some of my expert programmer affiliates, and am also available to train you to master your web tools yourself.

Graphic Identity Design
Web Marketing Planning
Site Conent Editing and Planning
Navigation Design and
Site Structural Planning
Site Hosting Recommendations
Technology Evaluation
Programmer Referrals

Blog Training
Email list Training
Blog Design Customization
Personal Networking Site Marketing
Consultation and Services
(MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)

Podcast Production Services,
Online Placement, and Marketing

Online Merchandising of
Promotional Items and Products
(Tee Shirts, Mugs, Books, Recordings)

Flash Audio/Visual development and Programming
Online Video Delivery
Search Engine Placement Optimization