Blythe Projects

Blythe Projects, Beverly Hills, CA
Website Designer, Developer, Photographer, and Graphic Designer
· Designed and built website incorporating flash and javascript slideshows and php database
· Designed business identity, stationary, logo, and business cards
· Shot portrait photos for website

Web Designer, Navigation Architect, Logo Designer, Graphic Designer

Blythe Projects embraces the dual art consultancy and artist development businesses of Hillary Metz. The sites incorporate a Flash animated slideshow on the home page, a javascript projects slideshow, and static pages with biographical information and a list of art fairs.

The content scope for this mostly static site was small, so navigation design focused on simplicity and clarity. Drop-down menus used in the client’s specification were eliminated, and an allied site intended for emerging artist management services was created separate from the gallery site. A small php database was begun to facilitate dynamic listings of art fairs throughout the world, however time and budgetary considerations gave priority to development of an animated home page.

Allied work included business cards and the gallery’s logo.