Edward Larrabee Barnes / John M.Y. Lee Architects

Edward Larrabee Barnes / John M.Y. Lee Architects
System Manager
· Initiated, implemented, and managed computerization of one of NYC’s top 10 architectural firms
· Trained users of Macintosh administrative, accounting, and Microstation CAD systems for 55 person office
· Supervised development of custom accounting and drawing log software built in 4th Dimension database software
· Chaired NYC Macintosh User Group for American Institute of Architects

Digital Playground – Passion Pasion Passion

CAP (Community Arts Partnership)
Digital Playground – Passion Pasion Passion
Project Manager, Navigation Architect

1997-98 Community Arts Partnership / KAOS Network, Los Angeles, CA
Project Manager
· Supervised staff in completion of CD-ROM development project featuring artwork by 31 students at 5 Los Angeles art training centers
· Mixed and helped engineer recording sessions
· Redesigned navigational elements for better usability
· Taught graphic design, video, and web development software
· Implemented exhibition with 5 simultaneous networked computers and video feeds

DIGITAL PLAYGROUND is a large project which incorporated and repurposed final class and independent student projects from several Community Arts Partnership (CAP) sites across the greater Los Angeles area. CAP, an organization run from the California Institute of the Arts, offers free arts training for “at-risk” Junior High through Adult students across LA. CalArts students are Teaching Assistants – sometimes full teachers – for the classes. This project trained students in web development, ISDN video teleconferencing, and digital graphic arts. Students from these diverse communities interacted with each other; first via ISDN, and eventually in person. Although these communities were only 20 miles apart, the students would probably never have set foot in each other’s neighborhoods. The project included work from Plaza de la Raza in East Los Angeles; Inner City Arts in downtown Los Angeles; Watts Towers Arts Center in Watts; and KAOS Multimedia Center in Leimert Park.

The theme and working title for the project was “Passion, Pasion, Passion” and it targeted views of passion in Latino and African American communities. It was an outgrowth of the previous year’s projects, which examined participant’s literal and figurative “families” – from parents and siblings to gangs and co-workers.

Digital Playground was developed throughout 1997-98, and showcased class projects on a CD-ROM-based “website.” Streaming media development tools were not yet widely or inexpensively available; however, without bandwidth constraints, we could include complete, digitally formatted video projects on the CD-ROM. HTML / Javascript pages provided an interface to these videos, and were utilized as a medium for the students to respond to the subject matter they researched in their classes.

These “passion” subjects covered a broad range; the situation in Chiapas, inspirational leaders of revolutionary ethnic change, views and attitudes towards spirituality, neighborhood redevelopment, views on sexuality, police abuse and artistic reactions to it, racism, community responses to the recent riots in LA, history and roots of hip-hop music, music compositions integrating hip-hop and notated jazz arranging, a Latino “speed-metal” band’s music, a hip-hop radio program, dance, and mixed-media animation.

Project Duties:
I began my role in the project as a digital graphics and video teleconferencing instructor, however in the summer I was promoted to project manager. At this point a broad schematic existed for the project; however most of the portions were incomplete, with no plan existing for coordinating the completion of the various elements. I consequently organized the contributions of all the different classes into the project. I worked with student artists, writers, film makers, teachers, and musicians to integrate all of their work into the final CD-ROM. In this role I had to coordinate submission deadlines, learn and write javascript code, audio engineer mix-down sessions on Pro-Tools from the recording studio, digitize videos on the Media 100 system and Video Toaster, complete unfinished graphic design projects, and help train others in use of the broad range of technology utilized in the project. Over the busy course of the summer of 1998, I brought the project to near-conclusion; and several fully-functional CD-ROMs were created. In the fall I returned to work on my thesis at CalArts, and political discussions among the involved organizations led to subsequent editing of the final CD-ROM and the censorship of one of the videos. Two other instructors made these final changes for the CD-ROM.

Tasks Performed:
Team planning, organization, and coordination
Design and Preparation of T-Shirt artwork
Production of a promotional Postcard
Adapted student artwork for use on the pages
Audio Engineering of Ed Bland and Chu’s Project
Digitized nearly all video clips on the CD-ROM
Designed and created an interface for written material introducing the videos; learned javascript to create it and teach others how to use it.
Javascript code for roll-over functionality and pop-up video windows
Created original artwork for some of the pages (Leimert Park Pyramid, On Spirituality, KAOS Video Projects)
Completed Artwork by others (Digital Playground Projects, Digital Playground, Map Graphics)
Helped execute animated graphics in Dreamweaver (People to People)
Burned first functional CD-ROM of the project
Helped demo the in-progress project on an in-house network via multiple workstations
HTML programming training
Navigation Revisions

Timbuktu Remote
Media Pro? Digital Video Editor
U Matic Video Editing
Adobe Illustrator

Gustavo Aguilar Dreaming of Serpents CD

In 1999 Chad Hamill referred percussionist extraordinaire Gustavo Aguilar to me to design the graphics for the solo CD he was recording. I agreed and also offered to engineer the project in CalArt’s Music School’s 24 track DA-88 digital recording studio. I also performed Pro-Tools editing of some of the tracks, however the virtuosity-laden pieces were mostly recorded without edits, as per Gustavo’s wish.

The project was recorded over a period of several months. Gustavo teamed up with three composers who were also talented improvisors, and there are pairs of musical works by each; one improvised, one composed.

At Gustavo’s request, I designed the CD incorporating artwork by painter Michael Torres, whose wonderful paintings have a slightly Aztec influence. Michael had previously created posters for Gustavo’s performances. The CD tray is transparent and the same graphical imagery is repeated on the back of the traycard and the CD itself; however the CD has song titles as well, while the card has lyrics.

The CD has received rave reviews.

National Urban Technology Center

Web Integrator, Online Catalog Designer, Systems Administrator

The National Urban Technology Center is a New York-based organization providing life skills education to disadvantaged populations throughout the United States. In cooperation with the Department of Justice’s “Weed and Seed” program, they convert crack houses into community computer training centers that provide job skills training.

Content development took place in Los Angeles, and I acted as a web integrator and part-time Systems Administrator for the team. I implemented the designer’s ideas as functional webpages, in coordination with the Cold Fusion programmer. We also had a team of writers and animators who created flash movies and quiz games as part of the educational modules.

The home page displayed random selections of participant images with links to their personal homepages. It also served as a member login page.

Four tour pages explained the Urban Tech programs and linked to a flash demo movie. I served as designer for the textual portion of the flash demo. I also designed an assortment of animated banner ads for the site, derived from the company’s logos.

I redesigned the company’s online catalog for better informational clarity and navigation.

The real core of the company’s offerings was the flash content, which I constructed the html framework for. Cold Fusion databases controlled which content was available to each user, and kept track of their quiz scores. This is presented within the catalog and demo.

For clarification, the pages presented here are reconstructed from the final interactive database-driven pages. E-commerce links are disabled, and the content on these pages will not update dynamically. The new Urban Tech site has been redesigned by their local NY database developers.

Urban Tech Online Catalog Re-design

The old online course catalog was confusing; it lacked heirarchical organization and duplicated information several places on the page.

To further complicate things, information was again duplicated on a second index page. Although the icons were appealing, they were also confusing, and simply repeated information from the text links on the pages.

To address these problems, I used frames to create an index and heirarchical organization. The course packages were presented in a simpler informational graphic, a chart that used colors to visually differentiate each package.

The design intentionally used elements from the home and tour pages to maintain the site’s visual identity, as specified by designer Andrea Lenardin of Instant Days Design.

2001 National Urban Technology Center, Hollywood, CA
Web Integrator
· Converted static designs to web pages
· Served as liaison between graphic designer and database programmer
· Redesigned and coded online product catalog, marketing brochures, and animated banner ads
· Maintained account database, implemented archives, created documention
· Interviewed and hired creative and technical support staff

Monthly Yoga DVD

Monthly Yoga DVD
Navigation and User Experience Consultant
Chris Miglino
Golden Bridge Yoga
De Longpre Street, Hollywood, CA
2005 April 18

Karuna Yoga

Karuna Yoga was a yoga studio in the Los Feliz district of Los Angeles run by Kelly Wood. I took over maintenance and updates for their website, designed some flyers for events at the studio, and updated their teacher’s training manual. I was also a Kundalini Yoga teacher there.
• print production
• print design
• website updates
• web video implementation


Web Designer, Navigation Architect, E Commerce Integrator

2006 Fingerlights, Los Angeles, CA
Web Designer
· Redesigned navigation for site
· Configured secure ecommerce store
· Built site including video clips of products

Asa Kim is a Navy Pilot who is marketing a remarkably tiny series of ring-flashlights for civilian and tactical uses.

Earlier web designers were unable to complete his website, which needed to include an e-commerce section and video clips. He had determined the design and graphical look of the site already, and I helped simplify the navigation using drop-down menus to maximize the product display area. A PayPal shopping cart was implemented to handle sales in a secure fashion.

Gary L. Coleman

Gary L. Coleman is a retired studio musician with a formidable catalog of recorded performances. (He adds the “L” to distinguish himself from the actor with a similar name.) His family members are all successful artists in their own right as well, and he hoped to help showcase the whole family’s work in this website. He also hoped to exhibit and offer for sale the poetry and music of his deceased son.

The graphical tone of the site is drawn from Gary’s scores and computer works; a javascript rollover interface is provided to let viewers see the son’s poems but not print them, and mp3 files are currently streamed to prevent downloading. (A Flash jukebox is forthcoming)

Poems by his older daughter Cole are included, as well as photography and ambient music from younger daughter Lisa – well known for her film scores as part of the dynamic duo “Wendy and Lisa” and for her tenure with the artist who was then known as Prince. The hope was to provide a view into the lesser known facets of the family’s creativity as well.

Structurally, the site is a mix of i-frames and css pages, navigated with javascript pop-up menus. A blog was also setup to enable family members to write their thoughts to the site.

Winslow Court Recording Studio

Winslow Ct.
Web Designer

Winslow Court is a Recording Studio in Hollywood that has produced many award winning albums. The client wanted to create an ambient soundscape that continued to loop while different sections of the site were visited. Animated slideshows of album artwork and musicians in the studio were included. The majority of the site was built in Flash, and periodically albums and photos were added to the galleries. Later the site was significantly scaled down, effectively offering only an online business card.

SolwayJones Gallery

Web Designer, Custom CMS Developer, Navigation Architect, WordPress Developer, Programming Contractor

SolwayJones Gallery is an art gallery located in the Chinatown area of Los Angeles, and previously in the La Brea / Wilshire “Miracle Mile” district. They wanted a website that would enable them to dynamically update content for new gallery shows.

I specified a database to meet their needs, and contracted php programmer Mark Losinski to build the content management system. Additional programming was done by Andrew Farley. I was responsible for the graphic and navigation design of the site. In 2008 a WordPress blog was added for the “News” section, allowing them to add written updates about their artists and video clips of their art work. The blog has been exceptionally successful.

The website opened a number of doors for the gallery, enabling them to enter art fairs that had previously been unreceptive, and also ushering them into some professional art publications.

The site’s content management system allows them to add, remove, and re-sequence artwork, exhibit, and artist listings from the database. Images are sized using an Imageready “droplet” for consistency. Because of changes in browser technology,  a site overhaul was discussed, but the gallery closed before that could be undertaken.

SolwayJones Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
WordPress Developer, Videographer
· Designed and built gallery news WordPress blog
· Videotaped exhibition artwork and published flash versions online

SolwayJones Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Web Designer, Project Manager
· Designed and built gallery website with updatable catalog
· Specified PHP database to catalog artwork, contracted programmers to build it

Blythe Projects

Blythe Projects, Beverly Hills, CA
Website Designer, Developer, Photographer, and Graphic Designer
· Designed and built website incorporating flash and javascript slideshows and php database
· Designed business identity, stationary, logo, and business cards
· Shot portrait photos for website

Web Designer, Navigation Architect, Logo Designer, Graphic Designer

Blythe Projects embraces the dual art consultancy and artist development businesses of Hillary Metz. The sites incorporate a Flash animated slideshow on the home page, a javascript projects slideshow, and static pages with biographical information and a list of art fairs.

The content scope for this mostly static site was small, so navigation design focused on simplicity and clarity. Drop-down menus used in the client’s specification were eliminated, and an allied site intended for emerging artist management services was created separate from the gallery site. A small php database was begun to facilitate dynamic listings of art fairs throughout the world, however time and budgetary considerations gave priority to development of an animated home page.

Allied work included business cards and the gallery’s logo.

Inspirecation 001

Inspirecation 001 – Hollywood Woman’s Club
Posted on December 27, 2009

As assistant curator, I helped to organize this group art show on November 22, 2009, and showed my recent Ecstasy Unveiled video collages at the show.

Yes, I know. It’s the “Women’s Club” not the “Woman’s Club” but that’s actually how the organization is registered – possessive singular.


The Woman’s Club of Hollywood is a non-profit organization with 104 years of history in support of the arts, sciences and the Hollywood community. The show Inspirecation 001, on November 22nd will be the first of a monthly series of performances and art exhibitions. A group exhibition event of works about or by women. It will be held in the club on a monthly basis through June 2010. Please call the Woman’s Club of Hollywood for further details and schedule.

Inspirecation 001.1

featuring artwork by: Shirley Ash, Calvin Burtley, Marlaya Charleston, Mariah Csepanyi, Kristina Faragher, Onno de Jong, Sheila Fein, Carol Gehring, Gina Genis, Marco Greco, Christopher Hassett, Micol Hebron, Arthur Kegerreis, Carolin Kewer, Laura Murphy, Frank Rozasy, Patty Sharkey, Stephen W. Smith, Barbara Testa, Tiffany Trenda, Violeta Villacorta, Jeffrey Zatlin.

When: November 22nd at 5 p.m. till 9 p.m

Where: The Woman’s Club of Hollywood, 1749 N. La Brea Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90046

Parking available. Free event open to the public

For more information, please contact:

Carolin Kewer (Curator) Arthur Kegerreis (Assistant Curator)

Phone (323) 876-8383

Participating Artists Statements:

Shirly Ash:

A fascination for the human form with an attempt to give life and personality through fluid line, movement, grace and balance. Focused on composition; using mediums of prisma colour pencil and pastel, pen and ink, conte crayon, watercolour and acrylic paint, subjects demonstrate a sensibility of quiet strength and introspection. I find the beauty, expand and create a harmony in my figurative works that evoke and inspire ubiquitous feelings and moods.

Marlaya Charleston:

In my work, the music is the conduit. I am completely inspired as I experience the freedom, dynamic energy, love, passion, joy and the improvisational quality, exploring new and infinite possibilities. Working in this way brings forth to me the idea that we are always creating our own reality and we always have the choice to create joy for ourselves and for others. I find communicating this idea of creation to be powerful and exciting.

Kristina Faragher:

Kristina Faragher has exhibited works of art individually and collaboratively in a host of media including video, installation, film, and performance. Selected venues and festivals include: The Oakland Museum, Oakland, The Autry National Center, Los Angeles, The REDCAT Theater, Los Angeles, Shoshona Wayne Gallery, Santa Monica, Track 16 Gallery, Santa Monica, SITE Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico, LA Freewaves Ninth Annual International Media Festival, Los Angeles, The Berkeley Film and Video Festival, Berkeley, CA, The Fifth Festival International de la Image in Colombia, South America, Pixel Pops Short and Fast, Scotland, Orkney Islands, UK. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Minsk, Belarus.

Publications include: The Smithsonian Institution’s Archives of American Art, Yosemite Art of an American Icon, UC Berkeley Press and Extensions: Online Journal of Embodied Technology at UCLA.

Onno de jong:

Onno De Jong was born in Holland and moved to America in 1997. A fine artist and film maker, he received his BFA from the Academie Minerva te Groningen in the Netherlands and earned an MFA in animation film making at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium. “ My paintings reflects the mood and timeless spirit of the seasons. I am drawn to the dramatic light and the open spaces of landscapes.”

Sheila Fein:

Artist Sheila Fein is working in a new direction. Her Figurative Pop Acrylic paintings and drawings are bringing back fantasy and whimsy to the figure. Imaginative and playful, they are the perfect addition to her colored pencil work and her personification chair paintings. Throughout her career Sheila’s use of her imagination has taken the viewer to a world unseen. People Sketchers, the weekly figure drawing class she books the models for and helps to run, is the perfect place for her to experiment with her new venture. She is now also beginning to combine her photographs with her paintings to create digital works of art in an effort to connect what we actually see to what we imagine. Sheila’s work is psychological and reminiscent of the 60’s with the tilt of today’s popular culture.

Carol Gehring :

Carol Gehring’s photographic work is an eclectic mix of painterly, abstract, and organic images of nature, architecture, geographical plains, objects and people, which act as open, interactive environments or temporal terrains into a psychological space. “The unconscious is like an infinite sea that ebbs and flows, intrinsically connected to our own spiritual nature, and our state of mind; vital and indispensable it is linked to our memories that continually lead us back to our inner self.” Gehring earned her MFA in Film/Video, 2003, and her BFA in Photography/Film/Video, 2000, at the California Institute of the Arts. Before her return to school, she had a successful career in the publishing industry with VOGUE magazine, and as a fashion photographer.

Gina Genis:

Gina Genis has exhibited her work in museums and galleries across the U.S. She is included in the permanent collections of the Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry, the Otto G. Richter Library Special Collections Division of the University of Miami, Orange County Transit District, and IBM, and the Hard Rock Casino among others. She is currently shows her work with the Los Angeles Artist Association, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, and Paragone Gallery. Genis’ work combines the most exceptional elements of nature and technology. Using a camera and software processing systems, a squirrel jaw bone found in the forest becomes an abstracted pattern of delicate beauty. This beauty, however, barely masks a strong presence of danger. The raw elegance of an animal skull reminds us of the tenuous nature of our existence, but through Genis’ photography, celebrates and memorializes life.

Marco Greco:

Marco Greco is a cable Ace award winiing performance artist, playwright, who also done some acting work in film, and TV. When the moment is right, he loves to paint.

Christopher Hassett:

It is a commonplace of our era that in any act of communication the medium becomes a part of the message. The painting, as much as a tomb wall of Mayan hieroglyphs, contains patterns of meaning which it overlays onto the message it blazons forth. Like Mayan hieroglyphs sited in a tomb, Chris Hassett’s hermetic paintings appear as an attempt to gain access to a redesignated sanctum, away from the eternally receding boundaries of experience. In Burn Victims, an indeterminate background draws the viewer into the most private viewing conceivable, in this case, two badly burned but delighted children hold semiautomatic handguns to the head of a kneeling man, whose own predicament seems to have reduced him to a state of childlike receptivity. Hassett often explores societal violence, but in an intentionally awkward way. In Fury, the giant eyes of a baby brutalized by starvation stare up at a figure with all the intensity of one of the Grady daughters in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. His women often appear vacant, lost in thought, sometimes appearing as unnerving sexual automatons, at other times staring out at us, turning us into witnesses of some un-nameable event. Smoldering red backgrounds surge at the viewer, often trapping seemingly independent, uncontrollable, and eccentric figures in featureless locations. Hassett has the unique talent of painting right where the stakes are highest, crushing clichés with an anti-epic vengeance.

– THE Magazine Santa Fe, New Mexico

Micol Hebron:

Micol Hebron is a video and performance artist, writer, and curator based in Los Angeles. She received her MFA in New Genres from UCLA. In 2004 she founded the LA Art Girls, a collective of 30+ women artists in the LA area. Hebron writes for Art Forum, Flash Art International, Arte Contexto and is on the editorial board of X-Tra magazine. Recent work includes a self portrait for THE Magazine (June issue), and group exhibitions Is This the Real Life, Horazdovice, Czech Republic (May/June), Interiority Complex at Artist Curated Projects, Los Angeles (June) and Rogue Wave, LA Louver, Venice, CA (July/Aug).

Micol is an assistant professor of art at Chapman University in Orange County.

Arthur Kegerreis:

Arthur Kegerreis is an experimental videographer, photographer, sound designer, and composer. A graduate of CalArts, Parsons, and Hampshire College, he has most recently been applying website production tools in experiments with cubist video. Initially inspired by Hockney’s Pearblossom Highway photo collage, bolstered by some technical video programming tricks in multimedia software, he has been developing an emerging form of dynamic imagery that compresses the time element of sound and sight into multi-layered cubist imagery. Initial works focused on panoramic landscape imagery, but he is now delving into less realistic visual forms juxtaposing multiple locations, while attempting to incorporate multiple views of a single space in a single image.

Carolin Kewer:

“Perception is a way of understanding or interpreting a subject captured in a moment of time.

A skillful artist can create this a lasting mental impression with a brush stroke, a splattering

of paint or in my case, with the expert use of light.”

International artist from Germany with exhibitions world wide.

Laura Murphy:

For over ten years Laura has been consciously creating, professionally exhibiting and selling her work in California, Arizona, and Oklahoma. She has experience in collaborative work with adults, children, and with outdoor and indoor murals. Her artistic goals include creating beauty while being of service, sharing ideas and inspiration, facilitating a safe studio for healing and growth, and participating in creative communities. Laura’s work is generally abstract and often expresses sacred geometry, figurative studies and interpretations of human anatomy, relationships, animal symbols, prayers and positive affirmations. Through these expressions she sets intentions for her life and the world. Working from a mixed media approach, incorporating collage and found objects, three dimensional designs, painting and more allows her the creative space she needs to convey messages of world peace, appreciation of Mother Nature, discovery of authenticity and self worth, idealism and spirituality. “Divine Mother Avocado Tree” is a safe place to turn over my will and life, to surrender to a shift in consciousness towards compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude for my parents and for the parental aspect of God or Mother Nature who sparks life in all beings and always lives in this present moment.

Frank Rozasy:

Large scale hand painted mixed media photography Using old family photographs and women movie stars photos from the golden age of Hollywood as source material, I then distort, enlarge and print them on bond paper. They are then painted with water color and color ink, crumpled and mounted on wood. The final pieces have a textured and old looking painted photographic surface. The use of old family photos and starlet photos from the 1930′s, 40′s and 50′s has both a personal and universal quality that brings out a nostalgic feeling in the viewer.

Stephen W. Smith:

A graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography with 24 years of experience working as a professional Currently on assignment at the Huntington Library in San Marino, Ca as a special projects photography. “I love working with musicians, in the studio or on location, taking a little time with the lighting until they look just so. I start shooting…trying to capture that moment when I’ve brought out something in them, some personality…Never treating the person as a still life, but having a intimate experience that I capture in a frame”

Tiffany Trenda:

Tiffany Trenda is a video installation performance artist based out of Malibu, CA. She received her BFA from Art Center College of Design and is finishing her graduate work at UCLA Design and Media Arts. She has exhibited at Robert Berman, Farmani Gallery, Photo San Francisco, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Korean Cultural Center, Highways, and Track 16. In 2009, she created an artist installation for Photo Los Angeles and performed live. Later that year she performed “Entropy” at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Trenda won the prize of The Artist of the Year at the London Creative Awards in 2008 and 2009. Tiffany Trenda’s work is an investigation of how we are defined and redefined through the integration of technology. She questions how the machine has become an intrinsic part of the body and how the inorganic fused with the organic is a collage of time and space. Her central process is to take technology (LCDs, video projectors, cameras, etc.) and create a digital environment with an embodied performance that simulates the human psyche inside a nostalgic digital world. The viewer is physically and visually immersed in the process in how the psyche evolves to relate and survive within the machine.

Violeta Villacorta:

Born in Lima, Perú and raised in New York City, Violeta Villacorta began painting as early as she can remember. Painting and design go hand in hand in her creative life. A Clothing Designer by profession, she is inspired by the many cultures and travel that enrich her life. Her paintings incorporate surreal organic shapes and ethereal themes that deal with the many realms, mind, body and soul and she is continually influenced by the supernatural. The play of Light and Shadow in her compositions depict the balance between these two forces.

“A Woman’s Depth: Three Incarnations Of A Goddess” from the series Beyond The Light was inspired by the power of every woman. These three women, the incarnation of a Goddess, represent All the Women in the World, from the many cultures and backgrounds. It embodies All feminine gifts and traits, as well as the the trinity of Mind, Body & Soul. The Guiding Light emanates from them All.

Jeffrey Zatlin:

Jeffrey Zatlin was born in Orange County in the summer of 1963 and has lived in Southern California all his life. He started painting in 1994 after some art was damaged by the Northridge earthquake. He has been painting ever since. Jeff paints Southern California people in their native habitat. The lifestyle, the beauty, and the underlying sexuality of the people who live there are portrayed in the scenes that Jeff creates on canvas. The color, energy, and attitude of our culture and lifestyle are reflected through his work and make us part of the scene. Jeff currently lives and paints in Camarillo, California. He can be reached at jeffrey.zatlin@hotmail.com or visit his webpage at www.jeffreyazatlin.blogspot.com to see more of his work.

Francois Ghebaly Gallery

Francois Ghebaly Gallery
Web Designer, WordPress Custom Theme Developer

François Ghebaly
Website Designer, WordPress Developer
510 Bernard Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
November 17, 2009-March 15, 2010

New Location:
François Ghebaly Gallery
2600 La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90034

Kunsthalle @ M+B
612 North Almont Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90069

When initially designed, this site presented the holdings of the Chinatown-based Ghebaly Gallery as well as a cooperative space in the same arts district that exhibited group shows co-curated by several different galleries. Later the gallery moved to Culver City and removed the cooperative gallery section of the site. The client wished to duplicate the layout and functionality of Berlin Gallery “Gallery Luis Campana” website, which also featured exhibitions at two locations. Their site was a custom built PHP site, so the design challenges centered around adapting that site into a WordPress theme (and translating the code of the original site.)

Ghebaly’s website was created to match this gallery’s website.

Kevin Rendon Photography

Kevin Rendon Photography
WordPress Implementation
310 388-7660
September 1, 2011 – October 3, 2011

Kevin is a professional photographer who wanted to install a commercial portfolio template in his WordPress site. I configured the site and provided training for photo preparation and WordPress usage.

Shambhala Restoration

Shambhala Restoration
Website Designer, WordPress Developer
Ilonka aka Irena Root
Moorpark, CA
October 2012

Ilonka is a spiritual healer in Moorpark, CA. Her facilities include a crystal massage table, infra red sauna, and several special healing baths. Her previous web developer had setup multiple domains and left her site mostly incomplete. A large part of the project involved resolving domain redirection problems between web hosts. I photographed her facilities and customized the 2011 WordPress theme to display different header images and use a color scheme more in the spirit of her location.

Good Vibes Studio

Good Vibe Studio
Website Designer, WordPress Developer
David DePalo
Susan Ross
Cynder Niemala
1489 Thousand Oaks Blvd., Suite C
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362
December 11, 2012 – January 27, 2013

This was a joint venture between musician David DePalo and inspirational business consultants Susan Ross and Cynder Niemala. The studio offered music and video recording and performing facilities for childrens’ parties. Services included WordPress training, design, and site customization.

Copywrite Editorial

Copywrite Editorial
Website Designer, WordPress Developer
Joy McCann
818 429-9806
January 14, 2011 – January 5, 2013

Joy McCann is a professional copy editor whom I had worked with extensively in the past as a designer. She wanted a website to present her copy editing services to prospective clients, and the ability to provide introductory information about copy editing to authors. In keeping with the literary theme, we used typography reminiscent of The New Yorker magazine, as we had with her print ads and business cards.

Gil Gundersen

Gil is a professional pianist and piano teacher in Pasadena, CA. We setup a simple WordPress site to present his performance schedule, teaching services, and YouTube videos.

Live Art Pilates

Live Art Pilates / Big Bear Pilates / Siri Galliano

10524 West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90064
577 Bonanza Trail
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
Siri Galliano

Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Photographer, Videographer,Pilates apparatus service technician
E-comm and w
ebsite maintenance
Equipment maintenance technician
Equipment delivery and delivery budgeting
Video and still photography
Graphic Design

  • Maintained WooCommerce online stores
  • resolved billing configuration issues
  • provided order fulfillment
  • Installed online appointment scheduling system
  • designed DVD packaging and marketing clips from intensive workshop videos
  • converted and uploaded videos for online sale
    • Photographed and videotaped intensive workshops
  • Edited workshop videos
  • Created Pilates Isle of Wight Historical Slideshow for lecture by Siri Galliano
  • Designed attendee certificates of completion for Los Angeles Intensive
  • Provided sound support for intensive
  • Created and sold working drawings from original Joseph Pilates “Electric Chair”
  • Modified and maintained studio Pilates equipment
  • Delivered and setup Pilates equipment
  • Built shipping crates, packed and shipped Pilates equipment
  • Provided budgeting and accounting for Pilates equipment resale deliveries, including truck rentals, fuel, and travel expenses. Deliveries included intensives and independent Arizona and California studios.
  • Packed, shipped or delivered, and installed studio equipment for Los Angeles, Big Bear, and Oakland intensives and for trainers and studios throughout California and in Arizona.
    • Oversaw shipping container security and shipping pickup

Clients include: Kara Wiley Pilates, Siri Galliano, Vil Shumayev, Miriam, Jordan Beinhorn, Alice Ann, Greta Gryzwana, Karen Biancardi, Donna La Brecque, Robin Lim Healy, Pia Ligeti, Jan Wessman, and others.

LA Pilates Intensive 2011:

Gallery Neuartig

Gallery Neuartig
Web Designer, WordPress Developer, Navigation Architect, Programming Contractor

Gallery Neuartig
Beate Kirmse is an art gallery owner in San Pedro, CA who wanted to create an online catalog of her artists and provide online purchase inquiry capabilities for their artwork. She also wanted to create an online community for gallery visitors with a news section featuring regional art events. The site plan was extensive, on par with many commercial arts websites, and was modeled after British site murmurART. This site provided unusually extensive search capabilities such as artwork dimensions, predominant color, price, and image zooming and panning, like many e-commerce fashion sites.

I created the site’s graphic design and wireframe navigation plan incorporating JQuery overlays, accordion search constraints, and integrated purchase inquiry forms. Design was heavily informed by knowledge of the capabilities of existing WordPress plugins and focused on facilitating a simple viewing and purchase inquiry experience for the prospective buyer. Page mockups and initial html versions of the pages were created. The site was implemented in WordPress, which had released a substantial update with version 3.0 while we were designing the site. I found programmers from PixelJar to implement plugin customizations at the yearly international WordCamp in San Francisco. They implemented the designs for the final site.

This site was intended as a portal for arts information as well as being a portfolio for the gallery’s artists. The client was heavily inspired by UK art site “murmurART,” hence the site incorporated many e-commerce features not often found in the gallery world. Navigation design focused on three primary user scenarios; first-time gallery visitor, prospective art buyer, and art news reader. The challenge was to create a satisfying simple path that allowed the prospective buyer to view multiple artworks and send an inquiry referencing the items in the online catalog. Off-site exhibitions and group shows for the artists also had to be accommodated by the catalog, and on-site feature articles and off-site media coverage about the artists had to be easily navigable within the site.

Design was heavily informed by knowledge of existing plugin capabilities, WordPress functionality, and theme construction. JQuery accordion sorting and overlay image display were used to simplify the purchase inquiry process for the prospective buyer. The wonderful programmers from PixelJar modified a contact form plugin to achieve these ends, and ultimately constructed the final pages for the site. Unfortunately, a good portion of the typographic design was discarded in this final phase of the project.

DJ Cat

DJ Cat
Web Developer, WordPress Developer, Navigation Architect
WordPress Theme Installation and Configuration
Catherine Wentworth
West Hollywood, CA
November 22, 2012 – January 13, 2013

Catherine Wentworth is a professional DJ who works extensively in the fashion industry and in night clubs throughout the country. I implemented two different versions of her site; the first was an update and theme transition due to some broken features, to accompany her feature in Playboy’s music issue, and a later, more extensive site overhaul was implemented using a commercial theme called “Sideways” (because it’s blog scrolled horizontally instead of vertically) to   integrate her broad social media presences, integrate with online sales, media downloads of both music and video, and provide a gallery of photos and press coverage.

The broad scope of this site offered a number of challenges for navigational clarity, graphical branding consistency, and social media integration. The client chose a commercial theme whose developer did not respond to our support inquiries regarding gallery features that had been rolled into WordPress after the theme’s release. During development, navigation was streamlined and organized as simply as possible. Extensive plugin testing was required to facilitate unusually broad social media integration needs; most social media plugins don’t include options for music sites and are not extensible. Consequently, simple outbound links were added to visit external sites and plugins were used for sharing posts on primary sites such as Twitter and Facebook. The blog section of the theme features an unusual horizontal scrolling layout, however certain types of posts wouldn’t display correctly. Testing was done to determine the limitations of image display within this layout, and the client was advised to prepare images accordingly. I aimed for typographical clarity and consistency throughout the core of the site, however, the nightclub typographic aesthetic prevails as the media images and blog posts are added. The site includes an event calendar. Training for the features of the template was provided to the client.

Theme Debugging
Theme Configuration
Navigation Design
Calendar Configuration
Social Media Integration

Theme: Sideways

ISushman Consulting Group

Social Media Marketing
Website Designer, WordPress Developer
Israel Sushman
Los Angeles, CA

Israel is a social media consultant. He liked a theme from a Czech theme developer;  we customized a proven theme from  Woo Themes to provide the same features and styling.

The content scope for this site was small, so navigation design focused on simplicity and clarity. Duplicate navigational elements were minimized, and the carousel slides linked to the most recent blog posts.