Arthur has been designing websites for over 23 years, emphasizing usability & navigational ease, helping clients achieve online business objectives focusing and presenting content for their target market. Clientele largely are in performing & visual arts or yoga training & service providers. He enjoys facilitating community development through online media & education. He still loves print design, preferring book to pdf.

A passionate natural teacher, from a family of educators, he loves sharing knowledge & discoveries with others, whether in a classroom/workshop setting, in the course of design projects, or with friends & colleagues. A dedicated researcher, often he can find the answers you’re seeking.

An avid photographer, videographer, and video artist, he is frequently found shooting documentation of art events around LA or exhibiting at them.

He studied composition, acoustic & electric bass with many luminary performers & composers, frequently performing with a variety of songwriters & improvisers. He’s composed works for musical theater and helped with their story development. From a family of vocal music instructors, he’s a natural singer, and has been fortunate to perform with some notable choirs.

As a Kundalini Yoga teacher at several studios, he helped start an LA teacher network. He has helped the Pilates community with equipment modifications and assisted training workshops. He was fortunate to have trained with Romana Kryzanowska, Joe Pilates successor.

He has a keen interest in usability design; with applications in media & graphic design, ergonomics, and software – especially sound and music production software.

He has an enduring interest in the Schillinger System of Musical Composition, a mathematical system created by a contemporary of Stravinsky’s that emulates the rules of traditional music theory and extends these with almost unlimited variation techniques. He is developing a design approach for computer implementation of the system.